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  • Students Orientation of JUFE’s MBA Program

  • Date:2020-12-25 15:41:44 Click: Source:
  • Recently, the orientation ceremony of the 2020 Sino-US (JUFE and NYIT) MBA Program was carried out in a combination of online and offline modes. Hosted by Ning Liang, director of MBA Education School, the event was attended by faculty members and student representatives of JUFE and NYIT.

    Yuan Honglin, vice president of JUFE, extended a warm welcome to all the guests, and students who were enrolled this year. He expected that all the students would understand the differences between graduate and undergraduate studies, realize the essence of MBA, raise global awareness and put what they’d learned into practice. Besides, he shared his wishes that they could become outstanding talents with business administration theories, global vision, business acumen and decision-making capability.

    Junius Gonzales, vice president of NYIT, greeted all new students and appreciated JUFE’s endeavors for the program. He introduced the education features and achievements of his school and hoped that against the backdrop of technology and information globalization, the students would be equipped to face the future challenges through their studies.