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  • A Mobilization Meeting Held in the School of Software & Internet of Things Engineering on Studying Abroad

  • Date:2020-12-23 10:58:06 Click: Source:
  • Chaired by Bai Yaohui, the dean of the School of Software and Internet of Things Engineering, a mobilization meeting was held on November 25th and attended by school leaders and all its faculty members.

    Bai Yaohui pointed out that many young teachers took a negative attitude toward studying abroad, given the widespread of the pandemic and little contribution of international exposure to their title promotion. However, he expected that young teachers would see journey abroad as an opportunity to achieve growth.

    Young teachers spoke in turns to share their views and suggestions based on their own situations and the realities of the School, and expressed their gratitude for the School's training and cares for their career and lives.

    Bai Yaohui suggested that teachers bring out the best of educational resources of overseas universities to promote the discipline construction of JUFE and enhance their teaching skills.

    The meeting made young teachers better-prepared in mind to further their studies abroad with proper pandemic precautions.