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  • The 1st Jiangxi-Shenzhen Fintech Summit Held in Shenzhen

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  • On the afternoon of October 31st, the 1st Jiangxi-Shenzhen Fintech Summit was held in Renmin Mansion, Futian District, Shenzhen City and streamed online. Sponsored by JUFE and the JUFE Alumni Association in Shenzhen and hosted by the School of Finance of JUFE and the Alumni of the School of Finance Association in Shenzhen, the summit was attended by the president of the JUFE Alumni Association Liao Jinqiu, Vice President Yuan Honglin, Dean Gui Hefa of the School of Finance, leaders of JUFE branch Alumni associations in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangdong and over 300 experts, scholars and alumni.

    Vice President Yuan Honglin pointed out that Shenzhen,as one of the seven fintech centers in the world, abounds in fintech talents, diversified industries, and a rich fintech ecosystem, enabling its fintech to appear in the world’s top 5 for the first time. In order to improve its fintech talent cultivation, JUFE has been trying to seek synergy with Shenzhen’s fintech talent and industry resources. Additionally, he expressed his hopes that the School of Finance would take the summit as an opportunity to deepen cooperation with fintech institutions in Shenzhen and build up a talent cultivation model with its own characteristics featuring industry and education integration.

    He Jie, director of Shenzhen Local Financial Supervision and Administration, introduced the current situation, features and trends of the financial industries and the cultivation of fintech talents in Shenzhen. He expects that JUFE and its alumni will pay continual attention to and support Shenzhen’s financial industries and intensify cooperation with the city.

    Gui Hefa delivered a keynote speech on the cultivation of fintech talents from the three aspects of value shaping, knowledge acquisition, and ability training. He believes that finance is deeply entwined with information and communication technology, as it is technology that brings about profound changes and adjustments to financial industries.

    In the round-table dialogue session, JUFE alumnus Yao Zhenshan led four fintech experts Zou Chuanwei, Cao Xiaping, Lan Qi and Liu Xinghua in a wonderful discussion on the topic of Emergence of Central Bank Digital Currencies. They conducted in-depth discussions on the significance of the central bank’s issuance of digital currency, the relationship between digital currency and paper currency, and the possible risks of digital currency issuance.

    Professor Wu Xiaoqiu from Renmin University of China concluded the summit with his speech themed The Role of Finance under the Dual Circulation Development Pattern. Professor Wu shared his wish that the summit with advanced financial topics would continue, so as to extend higher institutions’ impact on fintech. Additionally, he pointed out that the evolution of financial functions, the efficiency of financial functions, and the allocation of financial risks lie at the core of finance, and they are what financial innovation should be based upon. In order to enrich financial industries and relieve traditional finance from the strains of time and space, he encouraged all the attendees to think about the role of finance in dual circulation strategy from structural transformation and high-quality and technology-driven development of finance.