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  • JUFE: the Only University in Jiangxi Listed in the Ranking of 2020 China's Top 100 Universities for College Graduates’Salaries

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  • On July 13, the China Salary Index Research Institute released the Ranking of 2020 Salary Index of Chinese College Graduates. It shows that Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (JUFE) ranked 88th among universities nationwide, marking it the only one in Jiangxi Province to enter the top 100.

    Compared with 2018, JUFE has climbed up the ladder by 3 notches with graduates’ average monthly payments increasing from 6,429 yuan to 7,705 yuan.

    The salary index of Chinese college graduates was calculated on the basis of data collected from college graduates’ second year of entering enterprises. The index covers the data of more than 200 sub-fields, over 600 cities, 500,000 enterprises, and 2 million graduates in China.

    The index not only reflects the employment and income changes of college graduates, but also their growth and development. It serves as an objective reference that can be used to analyze the employment trend of college graduates, the allocation of human resources in enterprises, and the trend of economic development.