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  • The Third Session of Management Committee: Cooperative Undergraduate Education Program of Software Engineering Between Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics and Dalarna University

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  • On the afternoon of November 7th, the Third Session of Management Committee Between Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (JUFE) and Dalarna University (DU) was held by video conferencing. Vice president Wang Xiaoping attended this meeting. Other participantsincluding Jorgen Elbe, vice president of DU, Patrick kenger, director of Engineering Department, Roger G Nyberg, dean of School of Data and Information Science, William Song, teaching supervisor, Xiao Long, director of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Liao Guoqiong, director of Academic Affairs Office, Bai Yaohui, dean of School of Software Engineering and other department deans. The meeting was presided over by Xiao Long.

    This was the Third Session of Management Committee about JUFE-DUcooperative education in software engineering. In the session, Wang Xiaoping extended a warm welcome to the visit of Roger G Nyberg and William Song, fully recognized the achievements of the cooperation in the past four years, and expressed thanks for the hard work of teachers and staffs from both sides. Wang Xiaoping also indicated that there was good cooperative foundation between JUFE and DU. Since the signing of the memorandum of understanding and the establishment of friendly relations between JUFE and DU, the teachers’ mutual visits and students’ exchanges have been frequent and active. Wang Xiaoping also hope to strengthen further cooperation.

    For further improving the quality of cooperative education, Wang Xiaoping put forward several suggestions: first, the laboratory should be equipped with the software, which is commonly used and recognized worldwide and conforming to international standards. Second, establish a joint laboratory with international software, so that cooperative exchange students get more opportunities to study there. The joint laboratory is not only a form of international education, but also a way to improve the quality of international education.

    Then, Jorgen Elbe expressed his great satisfaction with the current operation of cooperative undergraduate education program of software engineering between JUFE and DU, and thanked the staff of both sides for their efforts. Through face-to-face communication with the first batch of students to Sweden,Jorgen Elbe wassatisfied with their condition of study and life in Sweden.

    Professor William Song, the representative of DU, and Dr. Liu Yanqing of JUFE respectively made work reports, which was unanimously recognized by the management committee. Professor William Song reported the operation of sino-sweden cooperation educationprogram, the teaching method with “Swedish Style” ofDU’s teachers and the various measures taken to ensure the quality of teaching.Dr. Liu Yanqing reported that the program was officially approved by the Ministry of Education of China in June 2015. Up to this year, the program has enrolled four grades of students, with a total of 180 students. At present, 13 students of JUFE are studying senior course atDU. During the program operation, JUFE has established program management committee, teaching working group and assessment and admission working group.

    In the end, both parties suggested that they will support and invest in the program as before, and looked forward to further improving the program. (written by Office of International Cooperation and Exchange)