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  • Confucius institute of the Coventry University hosted series of events to celebrate the 70th anniversary of new China

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  •   Under the guidance of the Dean Liu Youfa, the Confucius institute at the Coventry University hosted series of events to celebrate the 70th anniversary of new China, aiming to convey the spirit of patriotism, witness and promote the development and achievements of China. Hundreds of students and academics from both home and abroad were invited to participate in this activity.

    ​Students and academics jointly celebrating the 70th birthday of homeland

      The Confucius institute arranged group viewing of military parade ceremony to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of China. They contacted partakers and prepared decoration materials half month in advance in order to ensure the event run smoothly. At 10am local time on the October 1st, Chinese academics and students of the Coventry University gathered and watched the military parade together. During the ceremony President Xi and general secretary made speeches about uniting everyone to continuously fight for the unity of our nation. He further expressed that the development and improvement of China and its people has become unstoppable. Powerful and neat formations of the soldiers, advanced weapon and equipment, and people’s warm smile on the screen lighted up everyone’s hearts. They have developed a deeper affection for the homeland while they are overseas, and felt very proud of our country. They expressed their great gratitude to the Coventry University for hosting these events.

    Jointly viewing “My motherland and I”

      At 1:30PM, academics of the Confucius institute joined gathered and watched the film “My motherland and I”. The film shared links between major national events and the life of ordinary people, and how they were impacted by the events. Proud and inspired feeling rush over us when we reflecting changes that our homeland has encountered during the last seventy years. We were touched by these ordinary people’s life and their contribution to the country. China’s development depends on every Chinese individual, just like the film’s ending song, “My motherland and I, we cannot be apart”. President Xi has emphasized four types of confidence, with cultural confidence being one of them. As an overseas Chinese academic in the Confucius institute, we will always remember the importance of sharing Chinese languages and cultures, work hard to complete our tasks at hand, and live up to our expectation.

      ‘Perspective on China’ seminar series

      Coventry University has carefully planned the “Perspective on China” seminar series for months. It started on the October 1st, 6 PM local time. The topic of the first lecture was “Understanding Social Interactions in China and the UK”, which was delivered by Professor Michael from the Business Institution. The disparity between the different cultures and communications is a very hot topic and the room was full of attendees. With the rapid development of our country today, we are in need of more opportunities to uncover the “mysterious” China due to its different cultures and social environments. The Confucius Institute will remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind. We need to attract more people to learn Chinese and our great culture, and actively contribute to promote cooperation and our culture.

    "Chinese culture experience day" Held by Keele University

      On the October 4th, following the heritage of the Chinese exceptional culture spirit, Keele University invited members of the Confucius Institute and held a culture experience day to celebrate the National Day. At 10:30am, the Confucius Institute staff headed to Keele University Student Center. Momentarily, they launched a paper cutting, Chinese bracelets teaching lesson, which attracted hundreds of exchanges students from different countries. Following leading staff, students experience the beauty of Chinese art and culture.

      The culture experience came to an end, with bracelet and elegantly paper works produced one after another; Keele University academic and the Director of curriculum research and development, Filippo expressed sincere appreciation to the Confucius Institute, and eagerly looking forward to the next cultural exchange opportunity.

      China is a great country full of passionate people. The rise of a nation is not predestined. To be strong, we must fight for it. China’s yesterday has been recorded in our human history, while China’s today is created by hundreds of millions of people, As one of the cultural soft power symbols, the Confucius institute feels very honored to be able to witness the prosperity, and share happiness and sorrows with our homeland! China’s future will definitely be better! (Article/Office of International Cooperation and Exchange)