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  • Prof Wang Zhiping, Associate Vice-President of Sapporo University, Japan paid a visit to JUFE

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    In the morning of 2nd September, Professor Wang Zhiping, Associate Vice President of Sapporo University,Japan , visited JUFE. President Lu Fucai and Vice President Wang Xiaoping met with the guest cordially and exchanged in-depth discussions with the guest related to cooperation between the two universities. Peng Yuan, Director of the Human Resources Office, Xiao Long, Director of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange accompanied the meeting.

    Firstly, on behalf of JUFE, President Lu Fucai warmly welcomed the guest and briefly introduced the basic situation and achievements of the international development in JUFE in recent years. Prof. Wang Zhiping expressed his gratitude to our university for warmly reception. He introduced the advantages of Sapporo University in terms of geographical location, university-running characteristics, curriculum design and teacher allocation, as well as the current cooperation programs with some domestic universities in China.

    Subsequently, Wang Xiaoping and Wang Zhiping conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the promotion of short-term international student projects, exchange student projects, the 2.5+2 double degree project, the graduate student promotion project, the recruitment of excellent graduates, joining the Sino-Japanese Management Forum, the Sino-Japanese Economic Forum and the Confucius Institute. Wang Xiaoping pointed out that by joining the Sino-Japanese Management Forum and the Sino-Japanese Economic Forum, the scientific research cooperation between the teachers of two universities can be promoted better, especially the comparative studies of the management of Sino-Japanese enterprises, which is helpful for promoting the deep-seated cooperation between two universities. Wang Zhiping also expressed the willingness to cooperate with JUFE for a long period of time.

    This visit of Professor Wang Zhiping enhanced the mutual understanding between the two universities, laid a good foundation for reaching mutual agreement and implementing future cooperation projects. It is bound to play a positive role in broadening the way for JUFE students to study abroad, building a new platform for international exchanges between teachers and students, and promoting the international visibility of JUFE.


    Introduction to Sapporo University, Japan

    Sapporo University is a well-known private university in Hokkaido, Japan, with a history of 52 years. The university has modern teaching equipments and good learning environment. Sapporo University takes the spirit of pioneering spirit full of vitality as its school-building spirit, follows the educational policy centering on pioneering spirit, and pays attention to cultivating students' moral sense and personality. The aim is to cultivate students to become talents with strong sense of social responsibility and broad vision. It has been certified by the Ministry of Education in China. The university attaches great importance to international exchanges and cooperates with more than 30 universities in more than 10 countries around the world. It is still actively promoting the recruitment of foreign students in China. There are successful international exchange experiences worth learning.