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  • Dr. Chen Qiang’s Paper Published on TOG

  • Date:2022-08-01 17:19:51 Click: Source:
  • Recently, the paper, A Practical Model for Realistic Butterfly Flight Simulation by Dr. Chen Qiang, a member of the Digital Media and Virtual Reality Research Team of the School of Information Management, was published on ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG). ACM TOG is the most influential international journal in the field of computer graphics, which only publishes about 120 academic papers every year. It is a Class A international academic journal recommended by the China Computer Federation in the field of computer graphics. ACM TOG is also an A-level international journal recognized by JUFE.

    This publication marks a breakthrough in Jiangxi Province, and also a giant step for JUFE in the research field of computer graphics and virtual reality.

    In this paper, the authors proposed an efficient and practical model to simulate butterfly flights. His research results can be widely used in the field of VR/AR, film and television, games, art creation, biological simulation, and so on. The research will be presented to global scholars on SIGGRAPH 2022, the top academic conference in the field of computer graphics.