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  • Conference on International Cooperation between School of Economics, University of Bristol and School of Economics, JUFE Held

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  • On the afternoon of February 24, 2022, conference on international cooperation between school of economics, University of Bristol (UB) and school of economics, JUFE, was held, which was attended by Prof. Zhang Liguo, Dean of the School of Economics, Yang Yong,Deputy Directorof the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange (Center of International Culture Exchange), Associate Dean Prof. Li Guomin, and teachers of the School, as well as Dean Prof. Paola Manziniz,Dean of the School of Economics of UB, Prof. Natasha Kerven, Prof. Gabrielle Osborne, Prof. Jahir Islam and etc.. The meeting was chaired by the Teaching Secretary of the School of Economics, UB, UK.

    Professor Paola Manzinibriefly introduced his School. UB is ranked 62nd by QS, 64th by Softworld University Academic RankingARWU, and its economics major is ranked 9th in the UK. She expressed hopes to develop conductmore cooperation with the School of Economics of Jiangxi University of Finance and EconomicJUFEs in strengthening economics research and talent cultivation.

    Yang Yong gave an introduction about JUFEs internationalization. Zhang Liguo introduced the school, which boasts a well-structured and excellentteaching and research team in economics research. He expected that the two parties could carry out in-depth cooperation in economics talents training, scientific research cooperation, faculty exchange and discipline construction in the future.

    (翻译/桓昊婷校稿/Joe Murse编辑/万煜川审核/刘小兵)