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  • Report by Tourism Think Tank Approved by Provincial Leaders

  • Date:2022-07-08 15:15:51 Click: Source:
  • Recently, the Research Report on the Strategy of Coordinating the Prevention and Control of the Pandemic with the Recovery and Development of Tourism in Jiangxi Province written by the School of Tourism and Urban Management and the Tourism Development Research Center (team members: Lin Wenkai, Zou Yongwen, Chen Dongjun, Cao Guoxin, Hu Haisheng and Hu Linbo) was approved by the provincial leader and forwarded to the Department of Culture and Tourism to issue policies to help enterprises.

    The report comprehensively analyzes the impact of the pandemic on the tourism industry and tourism enterprises in our province, predicts the current and future development of the province's tourism economy, and evaluates the various support measures that have been taken. Based on a study of the new practices and measures introduced by other provinces and cities and the conditon of tourism industry in our province, a series of more precise, more effective and more targeted tourism rescue support measures have been put forward in the report, so as to acceleratethe recovery and high-quality leap-forward development of the province's tourism industry.

    Our Tourism Think Tank has been engaged in the drafting of many provincial documents and policies, and the submitted research reports have been approved by national and provincial leaders more than 50 times, making a positive contribution to serving the high-quality development of cultural tourism in our province.

    (翻译/桓昊婷校稿/Joe Murse 编辑/万煜川审核/刘小兵)