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  • CICU Played an Active Role in Sino-U.K. Culture Exchange

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  • On May 16th, Confucius Institute at Coventry University (CICU), jointly established by Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, held the Chinese Culture Experience Day. Students from grade 5 to 6 of the local Crackley Hall Primary School were invited to participate.

    In the dancing room, the teachers and students danced to cheerful Chinese folk music hand in hand; in the Tai Chi classroom, students in Tai Chi clothes were in high spirits; in the calligraphy classroom, the childrenwere very curious about the brush and ink stone they had never used before and learned how to write Zhong (representing China) and Zongzi (a traditional food for Dragon Boat Festival). They were looking forward to the upcoming Chinese traditional festival.

    ​JUFE has been committed to supporting Chinese education in British primary and secondary schools. In early May, at the invitation by the principal, CICU held Chinese culture experience activities at Hallfield Primary School in Birmingham with their carefully prepared gifts with Chinese characteristics such as  new year red envelopes and paper-cut for window decoration.

    Professor Liu Youfa, Co-Director of the CICU, believes that in the post-pandemic era, how to enrich the pathways of culture exchanges is particularly important. These Chinese culture experience activities are an important channel for the CICU to strengthen cultural exchanges with the local area.

    (翻译/桓昊婷校稿/Joe Murse 编辑/万煜川审核/刘小兵)