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  • JUFE Undergraduate Thesis Accepted by International Authoritative Academic Journal

  • Date:2021-09-06 11:16:30 Click: Source:
  • Recently, the thesis, EKC and Carbon Footprint of Cross-border Waste Transfer: Evidence from 134 Countries, written by JUFE undergraduate student Lai Xiaojin from the School of International Business and Economics was accepted by the international authoritative journal Ecological Indicators (SCI), with the latest impact factor of 4.958. It is classified as a JCRQ1 journal. The author of this paper is a member of the research team Enjoy Learning at Home led by Dr. Liu Yi.

    This paper used the LCA method to quantify the varieties of energy consumption and CO2 emissions of imported waste, analyzed the causality between the economic growth and import waste emissions of carbon dioxide (energy consumption) among 134 countries, and verified whether the carbon emissions and energy consumption from imported waste support the EKC hypothesis. The results show that there is an inverted U-shaped curve relationship between the embodied CO2 emissions (energy consumption) of imported waste and per capita GDP, which supports the Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC) hypothesis. In addition, the EKC of different countries showed heterogeneous effects. The innovation of this paper is that it is the first study to provide empirical evidence for the waste paradise hypothesis using the LCA approach, and the results empirically explain the evolution of global waste trade networks.