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  • Professor Wang Zhigang’s Paper Accepted by Domestic Authoritative CLASS A Journal

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  • Recently, Professor Wang Zhigang from the School of Law published an academic paper entitled Critique of and Reflections on the Theory of Unequal Civil Rights Capacity of Natural Person in the domestic authoritative CLASS A journal, Chinese Journal of Law, in the fourth issue of 2021.

    The paper indicates that, unlike the theory of equality, which argues that the rights and capabilities of natural persons should be a priori, equal, and inalienable, the theory of disparity holds that the rights and capabilities of natural persons are only empirical, unequal, and renounceable.

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    Wang Zhigang, chief professor of the School of Law, doctoral supervisor, distinguished professor of “Jinggang Scholar” in Jiangxi Province. He is engaged in the research of property law, tort law and basic theory of civil law related to life science and technology and has six papers published in the Chinese Journal of Law, and more than 20 papers in core journals such as Chinese and Foreign Law, Legal Science, Legal And Commercial Studies, and Essays on Civil and Commercial Law. Wang has presided over two National Social Science Fund Projects and many provincial and ministerial projects.