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  • Three JUFE Projects Listed Among First Batch of New Liberal Arts Research and Reform Practice Projects

  • Date:2021-09-09 11:14:07 Click: Source:
  • Recently, the Ministry of Education released the list of the first batch of new liberal arts research and reform practice projects, and a total of 1012 projects were selected. Three JUFE-recommended items were selected: Research and Practice on Digital Transformation and Promotion of Business Administration Majors (project leader: Prof. Lu Fucai ), Exploration and Practice of Training Data Legal Talents in the Digital Age (project leader: Prof. Deng Hui), Exploration and Practice of the Construction of the Fiscal and Taxation Professional Curriculum System And Teaching Material System Under The Background Of New Liberal Arts (project leader: Prof. Wang Qiao).

    JUFE will take the new liberal arts research and reform practice projects as an opportunity to speed up the innovative development of liberal arts education, work hard for building a liberal arts talent training system with JUFE characteristics, promote the interdisciplinary integration, and cultivate application-oriented interdisciplinary liberal arts talents to meet the requirements of the new era.