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  • 41 JUFE Projects Approved by National Natural Science Foundation of China

  • Date:2021-09-10 11:13:10 Click: Source:
  • Recently, according to the website of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NNSFC), 41 JUFE projects have been approved in 2021, with the approval rate of 22.91% (the second in Jiangxi province) and the amount of funding of 14.99 million yuan.

    Among the 41 NNSFC Projects, 11 items from the School of Information Management, 6 from the School of Business Administration, 3 from the School of Accounting, 3 from the School of Statistics, 3 from the School of Finance, 3 from the School of Tourism and Urban Management, 3 from the Institute of Industrial Economics, 2 from the School of International Business and Economics, 2 from the Institute of Ecological Civilization, 1 item from the School of Economics, School of Finance, Taxation and Public Administration, Jiangxi Institute of Economic Development and Reform, School of Software and Internet of Things Engineering, and Office of Scientific Research Administration respectively. Among them, the project hosted by Professor Fang Yuming of the School of Information Management was approved as a key project, which is the first time of its kind for JUFE.