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  • 10 Professors Selected as the "Jinggang Scholars"

  • Date:2021-04-20 17:37:05 Click: Source:
  • Recently, Jiangxi Education Department announced that the JUFE lecturers Wang Zhigang and Sheng Jiliang were selected as Jinggang Honorary Professors while Jin Wei, Wang Xing, Li Deman, Qiu Yongzhi, Xiong Xiaogang, Wu Tao, Jiang Hanming, and Yang Jianfeng were selected as Young Jinggang Scholars.

    In accordance with the Rewarding Mechanism for the Jinggang Scholars, 30 Jinggang honorary professors and 99 young Jinggang scholars around the province have been identified after rounds of selection. The selection of Jinggang scholars is a major talent program in Jiangxi province that caters for the realities of building senior talent pool with domestic and international influence. The term of appointment for “Jinggang Honorary Professors” and “Young Jinggang Scholars” is 5 years. Stimulated by the selection of its 10 lecturers, JUFE will make further efforts in building a team of senior talents and improving its overall competitiveness.