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  • Original Aspiration and Responsibility—Businessmen’ DNA

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  • ​On December 7th, JUFE alumni Wang Wenjing, founder and chairman of Yonyou Network Technology Co., Ltd., was announced as one of the 25 most influential business leaders in the 19th China Entrepreneur Summit.

    Over the past three decades, Wang Wenjing made Yonyou the world's leading software and cloud service provider with his endless pursuit of innovation. In his view, business innovation is not all about products and services, but is concerned with the reform of business structure. In the era of digital intelligence, he proposed that we make business innovation a public good for more enterprises.

    The 19th selection of the most influential business leaders gathered 25 new and old faces together, and it is their innovation, visions, original aspirations and sense of responsibility that sustained their influence and wealth for years.