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  • 29 JUFE Courses Selected as Provincial-level Excellent Open Online Courses

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  • On August 27th, the Education Department of Jiangxi Province released the list of 2020 provincial-level excellent open online courses (undergraduate). JUFE found 29 of its courses selected, ranking second in Jiangxi, and its project approval rate topped the list in the province. JUFE has recently started a program to build 86 school-level excellent open online courses and launched 68 courses on platforms such as Chinese University MOOC, among which 8 are recognized as national-level excellent open online courses, and 56 as provincial-level ones.

    Recent years have seen JUFE actively engaging in the in-depth integration of modern education technology represented by information technology with education and teaching. In addition, JUFE encourages lecturers to make full use of MOOCs to carry out online and offline teaching for quality classroom teaching and talent cultivation. JUFE, during the hit of COVID-19, integrated classroom teaching with 59 MOOCs available online, providing JUFE and other institutions in China with support and quality teaching resources to ensure that 585,000 people would have undisrupted access to lessons.

    JUFE will upgrade MOOCs to a higher level, build high-quality MOOC clusters and promote the internationalization of MOOCs. With its own MOOC system established, JUFE can sustain its reform of teaching and learning methods in a comprehensive manner.