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  • International Seminar on High-quality Case Study and Case-based Teaching Held Online

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  • With JUFE as organizer, the International Online Seminar on High-quality Case Study and Case-based Teaching was held on June 14th under the joint efforts of the North American Case Research Association, the International Case Research Association (ICRA), and the China Management Case-sharing Center. The seminar, chaired by Professor Wei Xiaojun, President of ICRA and associate dean of the School of Business at Grant MacEwan University, Canada, attracted over 3000 online attendees from nearly 100 universities worldwide.

    At the seminar, six experts including Dr. Eric Dolansky, associate professor of Goodman Business School of Brock University, Canada, and professor Hu Haibo, Dean of the School of Business Administration of JUFE made wonderful presentations in succession. With the experience of case elections in mind, Prof. Hu Haibo analyzed the differences between China’s top 100 Selected Management Cases and the cases indexed into Harvard Business Publishing and Ivey Publishing from different dimensions. He also stressed the key elements that deserve attention when writing cases that are qualified enough to be indexed by Harvard Business Publishing and Ivey Publishing.

    During the interaction session of the seminar, Professor Wei Xiaojun elaborated on the differences between the teaching-oriented cases and the research-oriented cases. Later, he gave targeted explanations to the questions raised by the participants.