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  • Research Work obtained Government Leaders’Positive Remarks

  • Date:2020-06-15 08:24:30 Click: Source:

    Recently, Dr. Chen Xinghuan from the School of Law, together with experts from government departments of Local Financial Supervision and Legal Affairs Committee, completed the General Project of the 2019 Jiangxi Social Science Planning and Think Tank Project concerning the Rule of Law of Jiangxi Province titled Research on the Legal Issues of Private Lending Classified Supervision in Civil and Commercial Cases. With this research direction in mind, they composed a paper titled Illegal Fund-raising in Jiangxi Province and its Prevention and Supervision, which earned favorable written comments from Yin Jianye, a member of the Standing Committee of Jiangxi Provincial Committee of the CPC and secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee of Jiangxi Provincial Committee of the CPC.

    The paper analyzed the overall situation and features of illegal fund-raising in Jiangxi and summarized the weaknesses in its prevention with detailed and accurate data. In light of the good examples set by Shanghai and Shenzhen in combating illegal fund-raising, they put forward a six-point proposal geared toward its prevention. The attached table of the paper demonstrates the cases of illegal fund-raising handled by Jiangxi courts in the past three years. With each of these aspects mentioned in a detailed manner, the paper reaches about 20,000 words in length.